Stamping Parts and Assemblies

Stamping Parts and Assemblies ( Product Code: 15)

Connfix offers various Mounting and Bracket parts and other uses of stamped parts shaped by the press technology and welded together. Connfix press capability covers the products with up to 6 mm thickness and with very tight tolerances.

Connfix metal stamping parts include various industries and applications including

  • Medical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Connection parts
  • Brackets and mountıng parts 
  • Aerospace applications


Connfix is an expert of Metal Stamping, in other words metal bent parts and assemblies. From our in-house presses to our many outside contacts,  we can manufacture all your needs.

  • Quantities of 1,000 to over 1 Million
  • Small Strips to Large Coils
  • Up to 6 mm thickness of any sheet metal
  • Deep Draw, Tapping, Coining, Embossing, and so on..