Metal Forming Dies

Metal Forming Dies ( Product Code: 19)

Connfix offers a wide range of metal forming dies and tools. We can help you choose what type of metal forming process will fit best to your need and we can decide the best option together. Then Connfix can build the die, and we can also make the mass production with our press machines on behalf of you.

Metal forming process has  very wide application fields and requires deep technical understanding and experience. The most common dies we make for our customers are;

  • Cold Forming Dies
  • Progressive Metal Stamping Dies
  • Deep Drawing Dies
  • Shearing and Punching Dies
  • Embossing and Coining Dies
  • Toolings, Fixtures and Gauges for Inspection


 As Connfix, from technical advise to design phase up to manufacture and implementation phase, we are working with you on your needs.  Alternatively, we can also offer you to keep your toolings in our inventory and make the mass production on behalf of you.  

Connfix metal forming products include simple bent parts to different configuration of formed, punched and sheared parts.  For the assemblies, after manufacturing each individual components, all parts are assembled together with dedicated teams and inspected per international standards.

Most common application areas are;

  • White Consumer Goods
  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Machinery Industry
  • Electrics and Electronics Industry
  • Other industrial sectors